Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Chris Anderson Interview..

Progressing from Burnley FC’s Centre of Excellence, Chris Anderson would be rightfully dubbed as a ‘promising youngster’. He has the talent, desire and determination that helps create a successful professional sportsman.

Chris, who was born in Burnley on October 2 1990, worked his way up the Turf Moor chain and gained a two-year apprenticeship at the age of 16.

A professional contract with his lifelong club, signed at the age of eighteen, was due to his ‘maturing’ and aggressive’ play out on the pitch and I predict that it won’t be too long before his name is on the lips of Claret fans everywhere.

On the way to Turf Moor I can admit to dreading the interview. Would this perhaps be another arrogant youngster, thirsty for fame and no passion for his club? I’m glad to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When asked about the future, all that seemed to be on his mind was representing his home town. “Playing for Burnley would be the dream. My main aims are to work hard and hopefully break into the first team squad.”

Even as a youngster Chris stood out. “My parents said I had a clear knack for football. I was scouted at the age of 8 and was signed up a year later to be on the youth system at Turf Moor.”

He was interestingly given the name ‘Scorer’ at the age of ten when he hit five goals in one match. “There were two other Chris’ in the team and it was just a way of avoiding confusion. The name has stuck with me ever since, even though I don’t score as many goals now. Occasionally the lads change it to ‘Misser’ if I spoon a chance.”

Being basically the same age as Chris I was intrigued to find out how much being a professional footballer altered his life. “I still have the same bunch of mates I had at school and they all understand I can’t go out drinking with them as much anymore,” he said with a grin, “but that’s part of my life now”.

What is your daily routine? “I get up at 9am and head to Turf Moor for breakfast before heading to Gawthorpe for two hours training. Then it’s just back to Turf Moor for lunch. Easy life really.” Cue a cheeky smile. “I have an afternoon sleep, then it’s the computer or PS3 if I don’t have a game or a session at the gym with my mates.” What a life..

Being a professional footballer obviously has it’s perks. The glamour, the money, the pride. “I get paid for doing something I enjoy.“ However, things can turn nasty. Over-intrusive media can be a hassle and being noticed everywhere can’t be too pleasant. “I can still go out anywhere and lead a normal life as I’m not instantly recognisable by people who don’t actually know me. Eventually it could be a pain but I have to make the most of the opportunity I have now and try my utmost to keep my private life, private. Easier said than done,” he says again with the cheeky grin.

As mentioned before, Chris’ main aim is too pull on the claret and blue jersey in front of 20,000 Burnley fans at Turf Moor, but I had found a young man with his head firmly screwed on. “My short term aims are to keep injury free and impress in the reserves. The final aim would be to earn a further extension to my current contract.”

After the recent departure of Icelandic midfielder, Joey Guðjónsson, things are looking promising for Chris. A step down for Burnley to the Championship after a disappointing season in the top flight will be an ideal situation for the management staff to throw our man into the thick of the action.

Then I asked a question that really made him think. I’d heard that Sheffield United were interested in securing his services and wondered whether or not he would prefer first team football away from his beloved club, or if waiting for his chance at Burnley was a better option.

“Well, playing football regularly at a decent standard would be more satisfying than waiting in the wings. Hopefully I can do both a Burnley.”

And for some reason, I had utter belief in him.

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