Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Data Skills Test

Alcohol consumption lower in the Capital...

Londoners are consuming less alchohol, on average, than the rest of the country as alcohol consumption declines across Britain.

53% of people in London had a drink last week compared to 68% of people in the North West and South West of the country, although alcohol related crime was highest in the capital.

This lower rate could be due to alcohol prices in London with the city being the most expensive place to buy a pint, with prices 35% higher than in the North-East of England.

Only 17% of Londoners drank on five or more days last week, an average that is lower than in Yorkshire, East Midlands and the South and East of England. However, only 13% of people drank this regularly in the North East of England.

It is said that in the first half of this year, the amount we consume per head went down by more than 8% to 3.81 litres. This is the steepest drop in alcohol consumption since 1948 where it fell by 11% in a year according to the British Beer and Pub Association.

The Raw Data is available along with a link to a related website.
The Daily Mail related article is also useful.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Images Skills Test

Images Skills Test

Original Photo

I decided to photograph Preston North End's Deepdale stadium. I captured the front of the stadium as in shot you can see the club crest that clearly identifies the stadium and also encorporates the floodlight which helps to indicate that this is an image of a football stadium. For the skills test, I have cropped this image to three different sizes (pixels) using Adobe Photshop Elements 8.0.

100 x 100 Thumbnail
The first crop is a thumbnail picture. The image is almost exactly the same as the original image, only smaller. This is ideal for a small news story with the image adding extra depth at the head of the article.

400(wide) x 300(high)

The second crop captures the main feature of the image, being the club crest. It is similar to the original image but is slightly cropped to focus more on the central features.

200(wide) x 500(high)

The final crop focuses in on the club crest. Everything around it is cropped and it is clear from the image what we are looking at even without the rest of the image.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Map Skills Test - Lancashire Evening Post

View LEP News Map in a larger map

4 News articles from the Lancashire Evening Post along with links to other sites relating to the articles are embedded in this map as part of a University Skills Test.

The National Football Museum Moves to Manchester..

Student Lloyd Umpleby talks about the National Football Museum moving from Preston North End's Deepdale stadium to Manchester.