Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shawcross on Ramsey

Firstly, i've got to wish Aaron Ramsey good luck with his recovery. No-one likes to see such a young talent with a shocking injury like that. I'm sure he will come back with similar help to which Eduardo received behind the scenes at the Emirates.

Now onto the challenge itself. There was no malice, and you could see that from Shawcross's reaction to the injury. He was distraught. You see worse challenges week in week out in most of the english leagues but luckily very few of them result in this sort of disaster. Without the leak break, the tackle would have, at worst, received a yellow card. His studs wern't raised, and it wasn't two footed. I say good luck to him in the England squad...

Arsene Wenger needs to keep himself quiet. Too many times does Wenger complain that teams 'kick' Arsenal to beat them. They play amazing football at times and i admire Fabregas greatly but without that strength element they will get nowhere in this league or champions league. Vieira was a massive loss all those years back, and Wenger's excuses are getting boring now.

Im sure everyone wishes Ramsey a speedy recovery.

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Friday, 26 February 2010

United v Villa..Carling Cup Final

Manchester United and Aston Villa head to Wembley on Sunday to contest the Carling Cup Final.

The Carling Cup has never really done 'it' for me, with the Premiership, Champions League and FA Cup taking more of a centre stage but in recent years this has changed. We have seen stronger starting line-ups by the bigger sides and spirited displays from the 'minnows' of english football. Also, no-one likes to lose in a final do they?

Both teams are breathtaking on the break with pace to burn. I'm guessing United will look to control the game in midfield as much as possible and look to get Rooney into the match from the off, however, if Villa manage to swing in their dangerous crosses, there could be a repeat of their 1-0 win at Old Trafford earlier this season.

All eyes are on Sir Alex's team selection. Will he stick with the United youth who got us to the final of this competition with the likes of Gibson and Da Silva or will experience be the key against a pacey Villa side? I say a mixture. Rafael must start ahead of Neville to be able to deal with Villa's pacey wingers, with Evra occupying the left flank. Gibson has been brilliant all season when he has played and deserves a place in the starting eleven alongside Paul Scholes, United legend. There is surely no doubt who will be leading the line for United at Wembley but uncertainty lies between the sticks...Tomasz Kuszczak is the man likely to get the call with a selection of Vidic, Evans or Brown playing in front of him.

Villa are a team i admire greatly to the dismay of my Bluenosed best mate, simply for the fact that they are English and play good football. The likes of Milner, Young and Agbonglahor are such exciting players to watch and will no doubt be causing our defence no end of trouble this weekend.

Game On!

Journalism's big problems..

As a journalism student I shouldn't perhaps be writing this but there are a few grey areas in my chosen career path which worry me.

Job Prospects - With Print journalism heading the same way as Portsmouth, down and out, and unemployment among journalists at a high, there seems to be little hope for graduating students of the year 2012. Hopefully BBC Salford can rescue me..

Competition - As i'm writing this blog there are 15 others writing the same thing next to me, which brings its own problems...

Poor Image - When most people think of a journalist, they think invading, intrusive liars who will write anything to get their stories published. This is obviously not the case for the majority but rising above the sterotype and aquiring useful contacts will be a difficult step in becoming a decent journalist.

Feeling slightly depressed now, so on to some blogs that interest me...Welcome to 'The Last Word'!