Friday, 5 March 2010

Goal-Line Technology...

The incident at Fratton Park is a classic example of why football needs to introduce technology to aid referees in making football a fairer sport.

Cricket and rugby have sucessfully incorporated technology into the game with decisions regulary going to a third official to make the correct call, after careful viewing of replay footage.

Liam Ridgewell's 'Goal' would have changed the FA Cup semi-final completely and on Birmingham's form this season they would probably have produced a comeback, however, with the officials struggling to see the ball crossing the line Portsmouth went on to win the game comfortably.

It was tough on The Blues who deserve more out of their season than they have already got and, even though Portsmouth have had off-field problems, i would have prefered to see the Midlanders on their way to Wembley.

Opposers to Technology in football say the game would be too stop-start and it would ruin the pace of the British game, however, its not likely that the referee will refer to a distant official for a dodgy throw-in decision, instead it should just be major incidents that could turn the match.

FIFA have decided not to go ahead with plans to introduce the technology but i don't think it will be long before plans to properly bring in an all-seeing official especially if a major mistake is made in the World Cup in Africa...

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  1. Leeds got done over by a ball that didn't cross the line when we down at home to Walsall. It would be a great idea, but I think games would take too long to complete because most teams playing for their lives in 6point games would contest most decisions. Someone infront of a TV screen should not determine what happens, Football is Football. Major incidents are what makes football. peace.

  2. I agree with kershaw4england, major incidents are what makes football great but maybe if this issue comes up during the World Cup, FIFA might think differently. However, they have said cost is the main problem.

  3. I don't really see how cost is an issue with tv cameras already at every league game...!

  4. tennis have hawk eye too mate :D
    with the 3d cameras they should eb able to sit an official on each goal line and just watch the screen for the game!
    cant agree that the ridgewell goal would ahve changed the game but regardless, it should have been given. Pompey deserve that little bit of luck. wait til something controvertial happens int he world cup final. then sepp blatter will a) resign or b) change it