Friday, 26 February 2010

Journalism's big problems..

As a journalism student I shouldn't perhaps be writing this but there are a few grey areas in my chosen career path which worry me.

Job Prospects - With Print journalism heading the same way as Portsmouth, down and out, and unemployment among journalists at a high, there seems to be little hope for graduating students of the year 2012. Hopefully BBC Salford can rescue me..

Competition - As i'm writing this blog there are 15 others writing the same thing next to me, which brings its own problems...

Poor Image - When most people think of a journalist, they think invading, intrusive liars who will write anything to get their stories published. This is obviously not the case for the majority but rising above the sterotype and aquiring useful contacts will be a difficult step in becoming a decent journalist.

Feeling slightly depressed now, so on to some blogs that interest me...Welcome to 'The Last Word'!

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